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Patent Plaques - Wood Base - Double - 12X15
Review by Henry 5 out of 5 Stars!
I was very pleased with my Patent Plaque. Very good looking.... »
Posted on 11/01/2013
Patent Plaques - Wood Base - Custom - 10.5X13
Review by Barry Brucker 5 out of 5 Stars!
I have eight patents and IPLAX has made plaques for all the patent holders to mount on their wall. ... »
Posted on 10/31/2013
Patent Plaques - Wood Base - Custom - 9X12
Review by Don Snyder 5 out of 5 Stars!
Bill and folks do such a great professional job. Really thank them for their fast service and atten... »
Posted on 10/30/2012
Trademark Plaques - Wood Base - 12X15
Review by Marisa Apodaca 5 out of 5 Stars!
Our company has ordered two trademark plaques and have been very happy with your promptness and qual... »
Posted on 02/09/2012
Patent Plaques - Wood Base - FrontPage-9X12
Review by Vijay Nangli 5 out of 5 Stars!
I am happy that I chose IPLAX to my Patent plaque, very prompt service. I have already refered IPLA... »
Posted on 01/20/2012
Patent Plaques - Wood Base - FrontPage-9X12
Review by Shakti L. Mukerjee 5 out of 5 Stars!
The plaques are well made and the shipping and handling are prompt.... »
Posted on 01/16/2012
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Patent Plaques in Eight Styles Starting at $55

Plaque proofs emailed in 1 day - Plaques shipped 1 day after proof approval.

A patent plaque for your needs and budget. Patent plaques are available in eight styles. For each style, you can choose from a large variety of plaque sizes, mounting options (see below), colors and prices, for just the right patent plaque to suit your requirements.

Click on plaque thumbnails for enlarged images and more information.


These Display Options Can Be Used With Either Plaque Style



Patent Plaque Styles

Front Page Patent Plaques reproduce all details of the front page of the patent as issued by the U.S. Patent &Trademark Office. This plaque is appropriate for patents with or without drawings as well as design patents. 

Custom Patent Plaques include drawing (when available) and the abstract from the patent front page. You choose which inventors to list and whether to include the assignee.

Double Patent Plaques combine the Certificate plaque panel on the left reproducing the patent certificate issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, with the patent front page reproduced on the right panel. You choose the inventors to be listed and whether to show the assignee's name.

Certificate Patent Plaques are recommended for patents without a drawing. The plaque reproduces the patent certificate issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, the Official seal and the signature of the Director.

Classic Patent Plaques are based on the patent certificate issued in the early 1900s, and combine the classic patent border surrounding the abstract, drawing and patent details from the patent front page. The plaque includes the Official seal, the certificate, and Director's signature.

Landscape Patent Plaques combine two panels in horizontal orientation; the left panel including the patent number, date, inventors, and optionally the assignee, with the patent certificate and Director's signature, while the right panel shows the patent title, figure and abstract.Panels are separated by the Patent Office seal and "The United States of America."

Contemporary Patent Plaques have all details of the patent in a modern border. The plaque includes the patent drawing and abstract, the Official seal, the certificate and signature of the Director, your choice of which inventors to display, and whether to include the assignee.

Trademark Plaques reproduce the certificate issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office with all new trademark registrations. The plaque includes a reproduction of the official seal and signature of the Director. Trademark plaques can be used for word marks or design marks.

Display Option Features

Patent Plaques - Wood Base are available in solid walnut, high gloss cherry and high gloss onyx. Choice of 6X8, 9X12, 10.5X13 and 12X15 sizes.

Patent Frames - Wood are available in several sizes and two moulding widths. Metal image plates are mounted behind suede mats in choice of four colors and plexiglass glazed.

Patent Frames - Metal include an image plate mounted on a high gloss acrylic plate in choice of four colors, and framed with a metal frame color coordinated with the image plate color.

Patent Plaques - Standoff are created by mounting the silver or gold metal plate with the patent image on a high gloss black, grey or clear acrylic plate drilled at its four corners for color coordinated standoffs that hold the plaque out from the wall 0.75 inch. Standoff patent plaques are available in our Custom, Front Page, Certificate, Classic, Double and Trademark styles.

Patent Plaques - Specialty

International Patent Plaques are also available to display your international achievements. Patent plaques for Canada, PCT, Europe, Japan, China and Australia are available in uniquely designed styles. Either international patent plaque style can be assembled with gold or silver plates on your choice of solid walnut, high gloss cherry or high gloss onyx wood bases, or on a high gloss acylic plate in your choice of four colors (black, blue, green or red), with a metal frame color coordinated to the plate color.  

Desktop Patent Plaques can be used to display your creative achievements on a desk or credenza. A wide variety of choices for front page, custom and certificate patent styles.

Perpetual Patent Plaques are an economical way to display multiple patents in a limited space. Modules can be combined to meet the size of your patent portfolio.